Monday, December 14, 2015

"Production Resumes"

On Nov 18, 2015...Blue Bell announced "Production Resumes"...after recalling and pulling all product from store shelves in April...after 3 deaths were reported and several who experienced sickness after an enhanced sampling tested positive for Listeria. Although the production has resumed, limited quantities of product will be rolled out in phases across their territory. Herein, lies several concepts of the year closes...#1-Just because one has suffered an enormous setback in the year doesn't mean that one cannot become productive again...(and maybe even in the same year) #2 - The timetable of your re-launch is dependent on how quickly you can admit fault, relinquish control, halt operations, and allow uninhibited internal inspection of your operations...when we are at fault, most only want to do damage control (apologize, blame others) instead of controlling the damage we have caused (restitution, remedy the situation, change policy). #3 - Overnight recovery isn't the best remedy...take it with patience...Blue Bell slowly re-launched in 5 methodical phases...they realized that when lives are at stake we have to be extra careful... #4 - Your mission is greater than your mistake...which will you focus on? Your track record will go a long way in gaining the trust of the people again. Blue Bell has been in business over 108 years...and never had anything like this happen one is perfect...mistakes and lapses of judgment are prone to happen to any of us...its what we do during that defining moment that will determine whether we soar or sink...don't become despondent if God pulls you off the shelf for a season...its only to protect and preserve you...for later use...POJ

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Bruce/Caitlin Jenner

Here are my thoughts regarding the Bruce/Caitlin Jenner "transformation".................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Here We Go ...McKinney

I am more appalled at the reaction of media outlets and message boards of the pool party incident more so than the despicable behavior of one officer on a group of unarmed teens. This prevailing storyline is all too familiar and it seems like the citizens are to blame and not the cops...if you listen to the media. I am disgusted that the protesters are the ones blamed for "polarizing" the nation with all of this racial rigmarole that we see across our communities! I am disgusted that folks want to censor and control the behavior of protesters but not the police! I am disgusted that victims of this violence are vilified and the police officers are validated by their shield and record! I am disgusted that politicians and elected officials remain silent on these issues but have a lot to say during reelection time! I am disgusted that no one from the media will ask police chiefs, "what are YOU doing to change the perception of the police and insert more sensitivity into officer training?" I am disgusted that FOX News is still considered a credible network!
I will admit it is rather difficult to pledge allegiance to a flag of a nation that doesn't value or respect my life, liberty, and freedom as it does other citizens. The bottom line enforcement profiles and handles races differently...this is not a blanket statement because the majority of the police force is fair, kind, and respectful...its just that their colleagues continue to promulgate bad press at the expense of their silence! We need more community policing...and not just interaction with officers during a traffic stop or altercation. This will help to breakdown socioeconomic barriers and racial stereotypes in the community. We need social activists, parents, and clergy to help instill a sense of responsibility and accountability in politicians and elected leaders and those who serve the citizenry. Those who have a platform and access....and who voice carries...must stand at the forefront on these issues and demand justice be done!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ground Zero...To Build or Not to Build?

After combing through the facts of the project...I've thought about this issue for days and I have reached this conclusion.

Yes, they should be allowed to build a community center etc here. We (Americans) are proving the extremists and middle easterners correct...we HATE Muslims and we want to eradicate their religion. Some of the remarks I have heard from politicians suggest this also and it lends itself to the panic, fear, and anxiety that many still have towards this faction. I have not seen an attempt by us to understand Muslims we have cast judgment on a whole based off of the actions of a few. I cringed when I hear people say..."Muslims murdered Americans on 9/11" but yet we don't use the same rationale when a Baptist murders children...we don't say "All Baptists are murders or All Catholics are alcoholics because an individual of that faith commits a heinous act." This issue shows us how much hatred is spewing into the world (just like the oil spill) from all wonder we are experiencing cataclysmic storms and disasters...WE MUST LOVE AND REACH OUT TO THOSE EVEN WHO HAVE HARMED US! I know that's not a popular message and we want to skip over the peacemaker Jesus but its the right thing to do.
We aren't a communist nation. The government should not have a preference of one religion over the next. And christians must be more tolerate of other religions...we have an elitest attitude to salvation which has promulgated alot of the hatred (in the name of Jesus) towards these people and others. Think about it...when was the last time we (christians) embraced someone of opposite faith/belief/sexual orientation etc?

Yes, this is a sensitive issue and I respect the opinions of others and those who have lost loved ones to 9/11 tragic incident but I also see this as an opportunity to reach out and an opportunity for understanding and healing. How long are we going to live our lives in the shadows of terrorists? Are we going to forever live in paranoia? We've got to reach out at some point and understand this group and put some of this panic to rest.

Lastly, those who argue about the sacredness of this area didn't see the XXX stores, peep shows, lingerie shops, and strip clubs in Ground Zero vicinity. Let's stop making excuses for not embracing and reaching out and make an attempt to reach out. How many more Americans and soldiers have to die because of religious posturing between christians and Muslims?

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

I would like to call to our attention the architectural disparities between businesses in SW LR and WLR. Kroger's has remodeled its locations on Markham, Rodney Parham, and Chenal but has allowed the Geyer Springs, Roosevelt, and Col. Glenn locations to remain in the same commonplace condition. The entrance way of the WLR locations have been remarkably remodeled and retrofitted with new signage and equipment while the SW locations remain the same. Region's Bank branches in WLR are far more superior to those on Asher/Univ. and Baseline. Does the bank not have any money to remodel ALL of its branches in similar fashion? The only upgrade Regions Bank has done was to install clear bullet proof glass at the indoor teller windows of the SW location which fails in comparison to the marble in its WLR locations.
Space will not allow me to point out other businesses or NLR. I know I’m not the only one seeing this, why are consumers settling and why are we allowing businesses to downgrade their service because an area is not as affluent? Money deposited and spent at these businesses is all green US Dollar and its past time for the heads of these companies to view the people in these areas the same.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

King David Stern Strikes Again...

I'm more outraged by David Stern's comments than Dan Gilbert's....who the heck does he think he is? His job is to oversee the league not be the conscious and think tank of every players actions. He can't control what players do? This is the underlying theme in all of this fiasco....guys with power are used to manipulating and controlling the actions of players and making decisions for them (and those of you who cant see this need to WAKE UP). Just because you are commissioner doesn't mean you can rule on EVERYTHING that the players do on and OFF the court. This guy has systematically exerted his CONTROL over the lives of athletes with dress codes and press gags while his officials were imploding due to betting and gambling on games! Since David Stern loves the camera so much why doesn't he get on TV when one of his officials make a mistake? You are not a consultant so they dont need your advise on what they should have done. I dont like the NBA and this cultic behavior; that before anything happens in this league David Stern has to give the approval...if he doesn't like an action he levies his if that's not antichristic I dont know what is! Now, I remember why I'm not a fan of the NBA! When does football season start?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NBA...National Banking Association

It is time for the Sports industry to "feel" the recession that is gripping this world and show some restraint. I am a little taken back by hearing these exorbitant contracts...5 years, 100 million contracts and 12-15 million dollar signing bonuses etc. from all 3 professional organizations. Its time for athletes/coaches/professional teams to increase non-profit spending (and disclose it to the public) and show some sensitivity to those who are suffering in their own back yard. It was so disheartening to see the LA Lakers winning a World Championship in the backdrop of budget shortfalls and deficit in California. If the team is apart of the city then the team should feel the effects of the city. The city couldn't afford a parade nor the police force to patrol it and the majority of the fans couldn't afford to sit in the upper bleachers of an LA Clippers game.The real losers in all of this is the fans...high ticket prices, parking passes, not too mention $10 popcorn at games is too much! Who can afford NBA jerseys and overpriced Nike's in this economy anymore? This is why the ire of fans is intensified when we see them break the law or make immoral life choices as they prance around in an ostentatious manner as if they are above the law. I am certainly not against wealth or anyone making an honest living, I am against people thriving in the face of adversity in front of others and not willing to "tone it down" or demonstrate that they truly care when in fact their earnings and wealth are based upon the fans interest and investments to them. Maybe we have to wait until Christmas or Thanksgiving to see athletes give back to their community because it looks like they are the only ones who are doing well and will have any extra money to give gifts.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Plug the Hole...NOW!

This is a very contentious issue...I believe the government has done enough up to this point by making BP accountable thru hearings and making them make the process transparent. However, failed government regulations that were not adhered to is ultimately to blame. I was not an advocate of the government intervening at this point because essentially if a fix ruptures the line or creates more of a problem then we the taxpayers become liable and BP will fight this for years in court. Secondly, the lack of a contingency plan from BP is inexcusable...this is trial and error and exposes us to the frailty of oil drilling and exploration. Oil companies have the funds and profits to be prepared for emergencies such as this and its apparent they have not invested in prevention and infrastructure.Lastly, we are ALL to blame...Americans are oil/energy we create the pressure for these companies to quickly harness these resources and refine them to keep our economy moving. Our greed causes them to skirt rules and regulations to keep the product flowing to us. I think this situation is showing us that we all will ultimately suffer when greed and profits are our motives and when we ourselves dont care for our planet and ecosystems. We waste too much and this just highlights that. I think Obama has shown the right amount of reserve, restraint, and rigidity. My problem is the conservative side (tea party) is talking on both sides of their mouths. They say the govt has not done anything and they want the govt to get involved but on the other hand they are saying they want small govt...less intervention...less govt regulations....WHICH ONE IS IT?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger WOods CENTS

If you make your living through persuasion of the public's opinion via advertising Gillette, Buick, Nike etc. why is it unreasonable for the public to know about your own personal dealings, character, and integrity. Everybody is making this a private issue and it remained a private issue until "they" brought it outside onto a public street causing damage to a public fire hydrant and a neighbor's fence. I will admit many times the media coverage oversteps personal boundaries but when these personal figures are in the business of propaganda and brand image they open themselves up for scrutiny and ridicule of the public. Government officials and other public servants are held to the same standard so I don't think the media is off base but the intensity of the coverage has been overwhelming. Tiger could have squashed this early on by being honest and lucid but he chose to be vague and short, which opened him up to rumor mongering and speculation. Be open and honest and no one will have to dig up stories and witnesses. The moral to this story is the same grace you extend to others is the same measuring cup that will be used to extend grace to you.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I hear the health care reform debate and I see the walls that many have erected not willing to hear the other side of the issue nor anything that the president cares to say to our children not about politics but about life. I am reminded of how the children of Israel sojourned from Egypt (bondage) to Canaan (promiseland). Even after they crossed Jordan and were physically in Canaan they still had to fight. Let me admonish those who think that just because we have elected an African American leader that the battle is over. We can get complacent and at ease if you want but the enemy has gotten stronger and more vocal. Joshua and his people had another battle to face and that was Jericho. Jericho was the city in the promise land where all the spoils and gold was the heart of Canaan. It’s not enough to be in the White House and not have the heart of Americans…this is the battle we are facing. Many Americans have walls up to their hearts and are resisting the change that must come in this dispensation. The tactics of battle change just as they are now. We are not facing a war of bullets, Jim Crow, and water hoses but of words, debate, and propaganda. God told Joshua to encompass the city once for 6 days silently. This means that we must first MOBOLIZE! If you believe in healthcare reform this is the time for you to get up from your corner of separationism and your trench of neutrality and become engaged in the discussion and MOVE! I believe that God commanded them to surround the city so that the people could get a sense of what they were taking on and what they were about to accomplish. The time of convergence comes after the period of surrounding. We must first be sold out and see and visualize it (change) before it happens. I am admonishing all of you who feverishly went to the polls and celebrated on election night to become MOLBILIZED and let’s surround this issue and penetrate the hearts of Americans to begin to accept change and stop resisting without debate. Once we encapsulate this issue and be on one accord and cry in unison with the same voice we can bring these walls of resistance down. A wise person said, “ A problem cannot be solved by the same consciousness that created it”. We have a new administration, new vision, and new hope lets ALL embrace it and work together to change America.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

52 Years of Ministry - Dr. O. C. Jones

My father in the ministry(Dr. O.C Jones) on Sunday celebrated 52 years as a pastor of the same church (Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church - North Little Rock, AR). He is definitely a pioneer and one of the last of this kind. I paid tribute to him yesterday and almost burst out in tears several times. My spirit was also very heavy because I sensed that this would be the last anniversary and during my remarks...I stated that "I would be remiss if we don't acknowledge that this may be the last time we are together in this setting" shocked several there when I said it. Afterward Dr. Jones basically gave a farewell address and he did NOT return to the pulpit...he gave his remarks from the floor podium (which he never does). He told the people that he does not know how long he can continue...and that when you hear of my home going just know that I am alright...well by that time I lost it and several others....he told us to stay harmonious and stay together....he told us that "we" need to look for a larger church with acres and room for the churches to grow and for these ministers...he named all of the sons of the church that were there in attendance about 5 of us. Obviously he is telling us that he is leaving. I credit Dr. Jones with giving me a foundation in ministry. He has always been a father figure to me and every time I minister I hear his voice within me and his guidance. There will never be another Dr. Jones. I am blessed to be from the loins of Dr. Jones. I cherish him and I celebrate his legacy!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Response to "The God in Me" - Mary Mary

Contrary to a few skeptic beliefs, I find this song very appropriate with a strong under current message that the church has ignored for a long time. And that truth is that God is within us all! The creator cannot be separate from creation. Therefore God is in the birds, trees, nature, flowers, and in us all. Paul says in Acts 17:28 (paraphrasing) For IN him we live and IN him we move and IN him we have our being...which suggests to me that there is no spot that God is not. He is in us all and through us all as Paul writes in Corinthians. We are the sons of God or the offspring of God so we should definitely resemble glory since God is majesty and power.
Secondly, this incarnate, indwelling of the spirit which is referred to as anointing/favor will make one attractive...both in appearance and in favorability. Yes, the anointing will make you attractive! Anytime you come in contact with God and his glory it will alter your appearance... Moses face shone, Saul was blinded etc. This is beneficial to highlight because many youth and adults suffer from low self-esteem and doubt themselves. It is time that we accentuate the positives of our qualities which God gave us for kingdom use.

Lastly, it is my prayer that the friendly fire of skepticism stop and we begin to embrace all of the expressions of God even if we don't agree with them. Altogether each expression is necessary to reach a sect that we have been assigned to. Don't mix your assignment up with someone else. God told Moses to lead the Children of Israel OUT but he told Joshua to lead them IN the promise land. Do what you were called to do and you won't have time to find fault in someones mission. Lets stop building walls separating us and build bridges so that we can see where my vision connects with yours. Be Blessed!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all Mothers! You are definitely fearfully, and wonderfully, made...packaged and put together just like a priceless diamond in this earth for all of creation to discover. Take time out this weekend and this month and allow yourself to be polished and replenished! Happy Birthday to my Grandmother who is 81 years old today!
On yesterday, we spent Sunday evening in Dumas, AR with my relatives and grandparents. It was a sight to see many great-grandchildren, cousins, and aunts/uncles. The grandchildren resolved to plan an event this year to pay tribute to all of our parents and during this event they will not be required to do anything but sit and enjoy!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New York, New York

Just coming off of a spring break trip with my wife to New York City. What a city! I was certainly in awe of the city and the pace that everything moved. It was such a wonderful cultural experience and I can't wait to go again in July or October. We stayed in Jersey City at the Doubletree and had a nice view of the NYC skyline and Manhattan. It was my first time going so I didn't know what to expect but it lived up to all of the hype. The food, the shopping, the sightseeing, the cultural, the museums, the lights, the shopping, the subway, the melting pot of people...did I mention the shopping?
On Sunday, we worshipped with a buddy of mines, Pastor Jimmy Hardaway & Macedonia Baptist Church, and he was gracious enough to allow me to share the message. Truly God blessed all throughout the services and 2 people came and gave their lives to christ. I ministered about "Bitten but not Beaten". I felt led to encourage those who have experienced setbacks in life and to let them know that even though they may have been succumb to a challenge that its not over and continue to do what you have been called to do. The message can be heard online at and a search under my name! God truly blessed in the message...I felt energized throughout...the sound system was great which allowed me to not strain because I had just refereed the previous day in Little Rock's Real Deal in the Rock National Basketball Tournament and I did alot of yelling.
The basis of the message centered about the ship becoming scattered and fragmented which represents the dreams/desires that many have. They may undergo modifications or changes from when you set out but as the angel told Paul, "Stay with the Ship". Don't abandon your dreams even if they appear to be destroyed. Even if they are broken you can still make it off of them. I also talked alot about making it off of broken things..broken trust...broken hope...broken peace....even though it may have been shattered you can still make it!
Afterwards, we were treated to a wonderful dinner by one of the members who owned a restaurant in that area. We then went back to the hotel and changed and explored more of NYC. We decided to go to Times Square since the evening was coming upon us.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday at Lake Grove Church - Memphis

All praises to God for his strength and insight for this past Sunday's message at Lake Grove Baptist Church in Memphis. Pastor Brian Bartlett is an awesome man of God and he has a wonderful congregation who knows how to give God the praise! I was battling a cold all week long...I even had laryngitis on Monday but as soon as the mic was in my hands it seems like another drive kicked in. I rarely get sick but this was a very troublesome cold. God gave me a powerful message to minister to the people and I could sense they were inspired and provoked. The message came from Luke 16:1-7 dealing with the story of Zacchaeus. It seems like my niche in preaching has always been to pull out and exposed hidden mysterious or principles embedded within narratives. I love to preach basic text writings but it just seems like I am in my zone in regards to narratives. The main prevailing theme that God shared was "The purpose of the Press". The press surrounded Jesus and impeded Zacchaeus from reaching his desire of seeing him as he is. Many of us have destinies, dreams, and desires in life but we are oftentimes sidetracked by the press that hovers around our blessing. The message spoke resoundly about PRESS.....PRESSURE....the influx and increase amount of pressure in our lives from all facets. I tried to make it as clear as possible by bringing in several illustrations on what pressure is and how God uses pressure for his good. I also spoke about in the introduction how many deal with self esteem issues which keep us from pursuing and going after. This man was label as a crook but he still pursued....and Jesus referred to him by his name and not his label. Here is a skeleton of the message; as soon as I receive the audio CD i will post it.

"Purpose of Pressure"

a) Pressure will cause you to change your ALTITUDE. The press ignited Zacchaeus to go over and above to get what he desired. It takes us sometimes changing our perspective about our life and ourselves. If you look at eye level at somethings it may be distorted but if you look from a higher standpoint then what appears to be large and insurmountable is not so large.

b) Pressure will develop your APTITUDE....those inate abilities and talents that lie dormant until they are forced to come out. This is the true you....unfortunately we dont know our true selves until our backs are against the wall. Once Zacchaeus was met with a pressure situation it caused him to go out of the norm and to try something different that he never tried before.

c) Pressure causes you to be cognitive of your LONGITUDE and LATITUDE (place and position). God is syncronized and everything is in divine order. Favor is not to a person but a place. God does not favor individuals as some suggest but he favors a place and position in him. Remember God is not a respector of persons. IN the NFL, the QB does not throw to a person but a designated place...The blessing for your life has already been released and it has been released to a place. I also spoke out the tree that linked Zacchaues to his promise...this tree called a sycamore....this place began with SYC (SICK) some of us won't move until we are SICK...we wont go higher until we get SICK.....once you reach a place of SYC THERE IS MORE AWAITING YOU.

d) I didn't make it to my 3rd point but it was once we receive our desire/dream and reach our destiny that we need to show some GRATITUDE. Zacchaues was humbled and it caused him to repent and change his course of action.

PRAISE GOD THAT 4 CAME TO GIVE THEIR LIFE TO GOD! Lake Grove is blessed with an awesome band of musicians who backed me up perfectly which is rare when you go out of town. My voice seemed to get better as I went on.

Monday, March 16, 2009

"Year of the Open Door"

This is my first blog for the new year! I have been going through a 3 month period of personal renewal and reconciliation for this new year of "The Open Door"! This is the year that the excuses and blame stop and every individual becomes accountable for his/her own success/failures. Obviously, the election of President Obama shattered this glass ceiling of mediocrisy and lack of opportunity for many. This new change requires each one to change their mentality regarding opportunity. Opportunities abound endlessly even in the midst of a recession. Many will be met with an open door that will link each of us to our dreams, desires, and destiny. It is true and lucid that when God opens a door he must close another door which will leave many of us vulnerable and exposed; most will encounter "hell in the hallway" and fury towards God such as Jesus did in the garden of gethsemane (olive crushing). There is a preparation stage to glory and we have already endured this as a people and race now it is time for us to walk on in and possess what we desire. Some doors are motion detected ...meaning they won't open until we get out of the hallway and position ourselves at the door. Be encouraged this year and know that this is the year of Opportunity and the Open Door!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Check Up Before You Check Out"

Joshua 7:13 Up, sanctify the people, and say, Sanctify yourselves against to morrow: for thus saith the LORD God of Israel, There is an accursed thing in the midst of thee, O Israel: thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until ye take away the accursed thing from among you.

One of the most frustrating things is when you go to the grocery store with your list and get home and forgot to pick up something either because you overlooked the list in the store or forgot to put it on your list, or had it on the list but got distracted in the store. And so you have to return back to the store. The return trip could have been avoided if I had checked up before I checked out. 2008 is almost gone and some of us may have some things still pending that we did not accomplish or finish. There were some things we wrote on our New Years resolution agenda that we did not accomplish, some apologies we need to make, some wrongs we need to right, some arrangements we need to make with bill collectors, a phone call we need to make....All God is saying is that Joshua in order for me to give you victory you must tie up all the loose strings and do some inventory... CHECK UP! Before you began to plan and think about '09, bring closure to '08. There are some things that must be discarded/removed/or put aside to be picked up again for the next season. It is not always major renovations and remodeling thats needed because it is the little foxes that spoil the vines, little details and small things that get us and cause us not to experience victory.

Make sure you are checked in to your divine purpose and calling in life. Destiny is not a set, fixed place. We have many destinies to fulfill. Dont get fixated on a past destiny/victory and neglect the present calling in your life. God is transient and so is you calling. Synchronize and calibrate your spirit to stay in the vein of your calling and not become swayed by what others are doing.

Let go of everything that you have left on the shelf even though others are standing in line for that specific item. Checking out says I am at peace, I am complete, I am whole, and I know my purpose. It also says that I have already paid the price for what I have. Yes, the price was paid before you got it. No one gets in the line and then begins to think about how to pay for what they have. They already have the needed funds to complete the transaction. It also says that there is a time in which you deliberately transition to a new dimension and area to express, reveal, and utilize what you paid for. Whatever baggage or items that '08 gave to you, take hold of it and put it in a bag and celebrate the experience and exchange it gave you.

In order for my '09 to be successful one must bring closure to '08. The past never ceases to exists it always exists in memory. Thus it can rear itself in your present and paralyze your progress. Before your body transitions to a new year, transition your mind and spirit and CHECK OUT of the old and CHECK IN to the new. Happy New Year's!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

"Outsiders" - Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas,

This holiday refocuses our view on the traditional story of baby Jesus born in a manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes because there was no room in the INN. Most of us cannot identify with this narrative because we were born within the confines of a hospital and/or we gave birth to our child(ren) within a luxury suite in a hospital. However, most if not all can identify from being impregnated with a vision/goal and not having ample notice nor a place to manifest and bring it forth because it was OUTSIDE the norm (INN) and would not be readily accepted by mainstream. Jesus was an "OUTSIDER" because he was brought forth because there were no vacancy in the INN. There was no room for him to fit within the paradigm of mainstream thinking and the status quo, so God fixed it so that he would be brought forth in a "taxing" season without any assistance from the INN.

Be encouraged this Christmas and know that what God has implanted you with shall come forth! If it is tax season and much is being required from you, realize that God is inducing labour for you to produce a new business/new assignment/new adventure/new book/new movie/new poem etc. Remember that it must be NEW because the circumstances surrounding it wont allow you to call in advance to make accommodations for the INN.Just know, that God has summoned those from afar off to come and feed/nourish/minister/fund/sponser/cover/clothe/support/counsel/ the vision inside of you. Until help arrives, take what you have to cover and protect your vision from the rigors of the outside. Mary took the leftover burlap bag that housed the grain and corn that the cows ate from to wrap her child in "for the meantime". Don't despise small beginnings or having to start off in a somewhat embarrasing posture. For the universe is in harmony and sync and everything that you need to survive you already have it. So, remain steadfast and determined because your vision is being sought after and with every passing second a convergence of prosperity and blessings is on a collision course to you. So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the OUTSIDERS!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

State of the Economy

The government exclaims, in a USA Today headline that "We are officially in a recession!" Well gee...thanks for the information. Yes, we are in a recession and I admonish all of us to take heed in what is going on spiritually also. America has built itself into a land of corporate greed and lavish lifestyles ... as ostentatious individuals do all they can to make unconscientable money at the expense of the poor and disenfranchised. It sort of feels like God is performing some type of Financial Affirmative Action in which he is righting the system and making it more equatable for everyone. I am definitely not anti wealth and money but some of these news stories which includes sports just makes you cringe. How much money is enough money? Auburn's football coach decided to resign and jump ship and his golden parachute clause entitled him to 3 million dollars in 30 days and 3 million dollars in 1 year. Notre Dame's football coach has a 12 million dollar buyout on his contract which says if he resigns or is fired the university owes him this lump sum. GM just released Tiger Woods from its marketing agreement, which he was being paid 7 million dollars a year just to stand in front of a car or drive a certain car around. A CEO of a company in Arkansas made 32 million last year, the former stock exchange chairman made 130 million in one year!
How much is enough? I believe in the currency and flow of money not the hoarding of it while the poor gets poorer. Somewhere in our pshyche we got off track and lost sight of community. How can one purchase a 1 million dollar bra encrusted with diamonds while someone is starving, jobless, and homeless. Maybe I'm old fashion but I just can't sleep at night not doing anything to help others. The sad thing about it is pastors have become the epitomy of greed. Offering time has become the new "bait-and-swith" scheme. We urge the people to give and go the extra mile and to post date the check if need be or max out a credit card all so that they can be blessed...knowing in the back of our mind that a portion of or all of this offering goes to us. Integrity must be restored in the body of christ. I do believe that the economy is going through a pruning and purging so that wealth is redistributed and the flow of money returns. This is a time in which the tables are being turned over and crookedness and deceit is being exposed in the sacred and secular worlds. Lets prepare ourselves to ride it out while God is at work.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday/Workday...What Happened to Time Off?

It is during this time of the year that I have deep sympathy for the blue collar people of our nation who work tirelessly year round and don't get any time off or very little time off to enjoy the holidays with their families. Most of my relatives wanted to travel to be with family but couldn't because they work in retail and it is a requirement for them to work the day after Thanksgiving. I am blessed to have a job in education with 2 weeks of vacation for the holidays but I remember those days when I had to scronge up all of the PTO hours I had just to be off Christmas Eve or that period between Christmas and New Years which no one is really being productive at work anyway. I am all in favor of some type of holiday wage for those who work during this time frame. Let's face it, most companies won't do the right thing and share the profits with the front line people who put up with rude holiday shoppers. And whatever happened to "Christmas Bonuses"? I remember on one occassion vehementely refusing to come to work on Black Friday (when I worked for a retail company) because the supervisor was out of town with his family. It is so ironic that the company can have a Black Friday while the employees have a Blue Friday (being away from relatives/family) and most of them are still in the "red" in their own personal finances. No wonder our families are so dysfunctional nowadays...everyone is blaming parents (and we do share some in the blame) but the economic burdens which cause parents to work extensively while being away from the home is largely to blame. Even during this economic crisis everyone began to pounce on the middle class for living beyond their means but no one ever addressed the "forgotten issue" as to why the salaries of many never escalated over time for the hard work they performed. When companies did well the executives pay greatly increased but the mid-professionals and front line workers barely saw increases or any other benefits. So, as you arise and camp out at 5am on Black Friday to buy that long awaited Christmas gift, I ask you to remember the workers who are away from their family so they can check you out at the register and assist you....offer a kind word to them for the sacrifice that they are making...don't run them over trying to get the last toy on the shelf!

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's So Hot Here - Top 11 List

This is a posting I made on a message board this summer after 3 days of scorching temperatures here in Little Rock!













Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Transitioning from Elect to President

I must admit this was one of the weirdest titled messages, in regards to it readily corresponding to the text, that I have ministered thus far. I knew a week in advance that I was to minister but the message never really came together until early Sunday AM around 5AM...and mind you this was the 8AM service that I was preaching. God has truly instilled a trust in him like never before...I used to fret and worry on Saturday nights when the message hasn't jelled but now I put it in Gods hand and go to sleep.
I was led to John 2:1-10...the story of the Wedding at Cana of Galilee. The vein of the house is transition in this season and we are heavily involved in the political I thought a message centered around transitioning will be relevant and minister directly to the house.

We have already been chosen/called/elected...we have already won...but how do we transition smoothly into the assignment?


Makeover - metamorphosis...water/wine did not merely undergo a physical, cosmetic change but a chemical change of nature/makeup. God is changing the very nature of us.
Takeover - Mine hour has not come....The anointed respected the appointed. This was not his time/season...but his mother sees greatness in him
Leftover - 6 water pots that were not filled...was typically used for tradition/custom and therefore it was "half full or empty". Change/transformation comes about when we are spirit "filled". God will use spirit filled people. One cannot be spirit lead unless you are spirit filled.
Hangover - custom called for the caterers to take advantage of the drunkenness of the party goers so that they were not able to tell the difference between good wine and bad.


Verified Change...The first few verses give us a list of those who were invited to the wedding. I wondered why did the writer go to great lengths to list the attendees and not the name of the bridegroom & groom since they were the most important part of the wedding. The only pupose of those coming was to VERIFY and WITNESS the change. The attendees at weddings are only there to witness the change that has already taken place. Enemies....Haters....Opposition are sent around us to verify the change! God will never leave himself without a witness. He will allow others to witness your dark times AND your morning to testify and confirm truth that God delivered.

Visible Change...We will be summoned to "draw out" and "bear" the change that has occurred. Can you bear living debt free, healed, whole, peaceful, complete....most of us cannot bear it because we have not been disciplined enough yet and because we have learned how to live and cope in poverty and living just to get by.

Validated Change...The governor of the feast validates the change finally and declares a change from the ordinary and a change from the original custom...."He has saved the Best for the Last".

**As I stated earlier I felt very good during the message...our sound team really had the mics right for me...this was one of those messages where the time flies. Our media ministry hold us placards in the balcony informing of of the remaining time...this was one of the very few times where I had too much material and kind of rushed it. I didn't really get a chance to properly organize everything because it was coming so fast! During the introduction the placard said 20 minutes and then all of a sudden it was at 15 and I was still in the intro. But after all, this was a very timely and layered message that God really poured into me. Certainly change is in the air and we are being transitoned as we speak to take the seat of authority so that we may reign in our everyday lives!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Displaced Leaders: Where are They Now?

Every true leader will at one time or another encounter a period of detachment or displacement. Authentic leaders are not satisfied just by merely serving in any capacity but they desire to find their particular niche and purpose to fulfill it. This is what replenishes them and drives them to evolve in a more perfect being. Those who are out of position know that they will frustrate themselves and others. Therefore, in an effort to stave off failures most leaders will go AWOL or retreat to the “back side of the desert” and wallow in self pity and self denial until God uses a burning bush scenario to give them clarity and direction for their assignment. This place is not a physical locale now but a stronghold mindset that grips the mentality of most leaders today.
The “back side of the desert”, where most displaced leaders reside, is a place of inward safe haven and personal reflection after a transgression or a perceived failure. This was the place Moses withdrew to after he was given up by his mother and after committing murder. It was here where Moses had to face who he was and his dysfunctional past. This is the place of mystery and the place of maturity in which every leader is summoned to go. It was here where God validated Moses with an “I AM” rendition of motivation and validation which catapults Moses towards his destiny. Our leaders are on the back side of the desert, some feeling incapable, inadequate, and incomplete. If you are a leader and you are in exile, let me remind you that no matter where you have been and what you have done, God has already pre-qualified you from the beginning of time and he does not do credit checks when he commissions you. Arise out of guilt and condemnation and ready yourself and be mindful that the longer you remain in the desert, the longer the people that God has assigned to you, will remain in bondage.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Shall Have Overcome!

"We Shall Overcome" has been a staple in the African American Community for many years. This anthem embodies hope, perseverance, and inspiration of a better, brighter tomorrow. It was sung during the backdrop of Jim Crow Laws of segregation and degradation, inspiring Blacks who were shackled in strongholds of racism, prejudice, and bigotry to believe for a better future. Well, change has come and we as a people need to sing a NEW song! We can no longer chant a song of hope in the emotions of pain and obscurity! We must affirm the "nowness" of this change and acknowledge that a glass ceiling of denied opportunity and true freedom and liberty has been shattered! It is time now that we honor the legacies of the pioneers that paved the way for this moment by retiring and burying this African American war cry while resurrecting a new song of thanksgiving and victory! If we continue to sing "We Shall Overcome" we speak contrary to God's word which declares us ALREADY as overcomers! "Shall" pushes victory ahead rather than embracing it now! WE HAVE OVERCOME! This does not announce that the struggle is over and that we have arrived, it merely encapsulates the momentum of this present day to forge us ahead past suffering and slavery. From this day forward, the excuses and the blame stops! Every individual is hereby held accountable for their own successes and failures! WE HAVE OVERCOME! Not "I" have overcome and my brother has not, but "We" have overcome... not "some" day but TODAY!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cancer Did Not Win!

I am so sick and tired of hearing the news say "Obama's grandmother "lost" her battle to cancer and passed away"! There could be nothing more inaccurate and erroneous! SHE DIDN'T LOSE THE BATTLE TO CANCER BECAUSE SHE STILL LIVES AND CANCER DOES NOT! She has transformed and transitioned herself above sickness and disease. She now has no more pain, no more suffering, no more chemo treatments! I have also seen cancer patients request, as a final act, to be cremated so that their physical body can be consumed with fire so that the cancer can be eradicated for good! CANCER DID NOT WIN! I have learned that before every victory a death must occur.....sometimes it is physical and sometimes it is spiritual. Some are sad because they say that she won't get a chance to see her grandson win... I beg to differ... as soon as she closed her eyes on this side, she began celebrating on the other side because she has the ability to peep into tomorrow! She is now in the "cloud" and a part of the "cloud of witnesses" that Hebrews 12 speaks about...she's cheering him on in heaven. Ironically, she died the day before election day. Most long distant track athletes don't come out the blocks at full speed...they pace themselves for the duration of the race...but on the last leg of the race, adrenaline kicks in and catapults the runner to victory...the runner may be fatigued at that point...but adrenaline gives a spurt of energy to make it across the finish line. Maybe this death is a type of adrenaline burst to send Obama over the finish line victorious. His winning makes her life and purpose complete. Cancer Did Not Win!


[1] Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,
[2] Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Pro-Life but Anti-Quality of Life! Huh?

I don't normally get in political arguments but I just couldn't help myself on this one. I am sick and tired of this evangelical led "pro-life" perspective that is so hypocritical. The proponents of this view are so careful to follow the commandment of "thou shalt not kill" that they forsake the other principals Jesus exemplified on earth such as community, fellowship, sharing, and brotherly love. How can one be pro-life but anti quality of life? So, as long as that mom has that feel justified and a sigh of relief overcomes you and you feel that you have done your God given duty to stand watch at abortion clinics, OB/Gyn offices, and a woman's vagina! Many feel that their duty is now complete...but what about social programs and government assistance to help the mother feed this newborn (you are opposed), what about extended medical care for the mom and baby (you are opposed), what about day care vouchers so that the mother can work (you are opposed), what about raising the minimum wage of this mother so she can care for her family (you are opposed because it will cost businesses too much), what about tax relief for a single mother (you are opposed)! Yes, life begins in the womb but it does not stop once the mother delivers. If you are so concerned about the baby in the womb, then your attention and actions should escalate once the baby is delivered, however, this faction has demonstrated politically that they no longer have any obligation to that child even after they have stepped over the wishes of the mother and her body, to push your own ideology. Life does indeed began at conception but it does not end at delivery!

Change is in the Atmosphere

Yesterday an earthquake hit about 35 miles from my home. The ironic part about it, is that we are not on a fault line. The closest fault line is in Memphis 2 hours away. We have all seen the influx of weather phenomena of tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes, and tsunamis intensify the past year or so. The earth is preparing itself for change! Change is in the atmosphere! All of the earth and creation is groaning and moaning, waiting on the manifestation of the sons of God! THE UNIVERSE IS SHIFTING! That's why the increase in earthquake vibrations and tensions and the increase of water rising. Water is a metaphor of spirit and wind is a metaphor for change/transition/shifting. Spiritually a lot of us are in crosswinds...we are irritated and agitated by our present place and condition. It almost seems as though we are being forced to change and forced to line up with our purpose and calling. In Little Rock, the past several weeks we have witnessed several brutal murders and heinous crimes have escalated! CHANGE IS LITERALLY IN THE ATMOSPHERE ....LET THY WILL BE DONE IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN! The Heavens always gives us a prelude to a coming attraction, the problem is we just don't listen!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spiritual Authority Part Deux

The next session of the class we reviewed more terms and discussed definitions of each and we looked at biblical narratives that exemplify each of these concepts.

Notes from Wednesday, October 22 ClassUnderstanding Spiritual Authority

Ambassador - One who governs AWAY in a foreign land...the president away...they protect the interest of their nation while they exist in a foreign land....II Cor 5:20 [20] Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.

We are ambassadors of Christ. Our mission is to establish the kingdom of God in the earth realm. Bring heaven to earth. Ambassadors live in an embassy. The embassy is not under the local jurisdiction. We are in the world and live here but we do not follow the mindset of the world and we are not "of" the world. We are kingdom people and we get our authority from above not from the world. As ambassadors we are gods away from heaven on earth. Most people struggle with that term and run away from their authority and name. When a police officer attempts to arrest a perpetrator he/she will exclaim, "Stop! In the name of the law!" This in itself shows the complexity of the authority/power vested in the officer. The officer is not coming just within themselves but their single person represents scores of people that are not present. When we declare and speak Gods word in the earth, we declare more than we can see and grasp. We have already established that authority comes from above therefore you receive the same power/authority/honor as the one who granted you authority. Jesus said "occupy till I come"...he means for us to occupy his place or seat...which place did he hold on earth....he was lord. We are to lord over circumstances and scenarios in our lives. When you lord over something it is "under your feet". That is a biblical phrase that means you have conquered it and it is a part of your domain.

Where is our jurisdiction? Earth realm. Where does our authority and power lie? Our authority is in our the Name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. This phrase means that Jesus just did not have potential power but kinetic and that he also had "good credit". His presence created an effect, a submission, and a response. When we preside in our own life as lord...our words and presence should create an effect wherever we go. Life and death is in the power of our tongue. The word of God is our sword. When things don't respect our name/authority we must exert power which is our words (word of God).

Let me also add that the "in the name of Jesus" phrase is not hocus pocus magic words. Most of us pray and use this tag but it is more than just saying it, you must spiritually be in the place of authority and power in order for the same results to manifest. The disciples attempted to heal and cast out one time and were not successful (no results). Jesus told them that there are "kinds" that require fasting (not missing meals but denying yourself/flesh) and prayer. This baffled me because I wondered why do the disciples need to pray....after all Jesus is in their company. Prayer is also synonymous with connection/alignment/unity/communion/oneness/atonement. He is saying its not enough to go through the ceremony of prayer and never make a connection. Pray without ceasing. He is not saying audibly talk to me ALL DAY, he is saying stay connected to me. My cell phone is automatically connected because I'm in my zone or coverage area. Whenever I move from it I will began to roam and the price will escalate. Stay in your zone or your place of assignment, too many of us are spiritually roaming and paying a dear cost to our family and ourselves. One subject that confuses me is when I hear people say, they took prayer out the school! They did not take prayer out of the schools....they took the cermony out of the school but no one can take away your dedication and connection to God. You can pray in jail, in the mall, on the job, in the classroom....everywhere you go! No one but you can hinder your connection with God.

Anointed - gifted, called, chosen, commissioned for a specific task.

Appointed - those in the seat of position, power, place, and authority.
David was Anointed to be king, while Saul was Appointed as King. How do the anointed treat those who are Appointed? God will show and reveal to you the appointed's vulnerabilities and faults just to see if you will use it to assassinate the appointed or if you will abide and follow authority.

Spiritual Authority

Our school of ministry class is studying "Spiritual Authority" by Nee. Here is a snippett of the information that I taught on. I am stickler for clear understanding so alot of my teachings, particularly Bible study, I spend a great deal of time "defining" and "redefining" terms. As we grow in God and in grace our language and our understanding changes and definitions of words expand. So it is advantageous for us all to revisit terms periodically to calibrate our minds and spirit to a more precise meaning.

*I began the class by throwing out several terms (they are listed below) and we went through them one by one and I asked for input from the class. I stated the word and I asked them what image do you conjure up in your mind when you hear the word spoken.

Authority - legitimacy, validation, authentic, etc. Authority always comes from above.
ex. A police badge symbolizes authority and validation.

Spiritual - energy, soul, pertaining to the spirit, life force, holy spirit, holy ghost, supernatural, non-physical.

Carnality - flesh, worldly, emotions (they are quasi spiritual & carnal)

Power - ones ability to exert authority or use force. When one does not respect authority then the individual must use power to keep order. ex. a police officer using his/her gun.

Jurisdiction - specified place where authority is exercised. ex. every law enforcement agency has a jurisdiction...aLRPD officer cant pull one over on the interstate...thats outside his/her jurisdiction. Actually they can pull you over and then they will call one with jurisdiction to write the ticket or file the report.

Dominion - seize control of plot of land or property for the needs of the king or kingdom.

As leaders/ministers we must be cognizant of these terms as we lead and minister to God's people. Just because you have the power (physical/financial/strategy means) to complete a task you will be operating out-of-order as a renegade if you do not submit to authority or if you have not been authorized. And if you have been authorized (called, chosen, & commissioned) make sure you are in the designated place for you to serve.